Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Am Back

I arrived home on Friday and have been busy with a lot of stuff and taking care my little boy. He is recovering from cough and flu, poor baby:(

For sure, I will be back to sewing and blogging after my boy recovered. And here are three batiks that I brought from my holidays in Bali-Indonesia. The first one is silk batik in printed shiny purple that my mom gave me as souvenir, the second one is batik sarong in printed green color and the third one is batik keris in printed white and brown color. Both of the second and third batik I bought in Matahari Plaza-Kuta, Bali. The three batiks are going to pre-washing, ironing and stay inside my stash box waiting for the right pattern:)


  1. I do hope your little boy gets better soon. I guess you are also busy tidying up after your vacation. The fabrics are very pretty - good idea to save them for the right garment :)

    1. Thank you,Sarah! My little boy is getting better now:)