Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tops For My Mom

Hi everyone...
I mentioned on my last post that I made two tops for my mom but in the end I made three for her:)
I will meet her on the vacations very soon, so I wanted to make something special for her. I just hope that she will like it and the tops will fit her nicely.

Top A
top A front

top A back

Top B
top B front

top B back

Both tops A and B based on Burdastyle pattern 04/2014 size 44 with adjustment in the waist and hips areas ( waist : size 48 and hips : size 46), the pattern originally is for a dress.
I cut the length of the pattern, make the neckline smaller by adding 2 cm on both side and draw a new neckline, omitted the ruffles on the sleeve and hem, sew the button on the back and added the tabs on the sleeves.
The tops are facing up with same fabric and fused with light weight fusible interfacing.
Also, I used 1.5 cm seam allowances for all edges and hem. And 3 cm for sleeve hem.

Top A ( 2 1/2 yards of printed taffeta in dark blue with small white flowers), Top B ( 2 1/2 yards of Japanese cotton voile in yellow with small flowers), light weight fusible interfacing, 3 black buttons for top A, 3 white buttons for top B and same color of threads.

The process of making the tops is very easy and fast. I read all the instructions from the magazine before I copy the pattern, then the rest I just sew and followed my self-taught.
After I sew these tops, I wanted to make one for me but instead I will make a dress on the next couple moths:)

Top C
top C front

top C back
This top C based Burdastyle plus size pattern 01/2013, I only used the upper front + back and the sleeve pattern. Then I drew a new straight line from upper front + back down to the hips and continue to the middle thigh. I omitted the front slit and the back dart. I added the middle front pleat, I think you can see it in the picture above. Also, I sew the button on the back and added the tabs on the sleeves.
The top is facing up with same fabric and fused with light weight interfacing. I also added 1.5 cm seam allowances for the all edges and hem. And 3 cm for the sleeve hem.
2 1/2 yards of very soft cotton in printed blue from my stash, light weight fusible interfacing, 3 black buttons and same color of thread.
Here are the pictures of the top details,
the tabs on the sleeve
back side of the top with tear drop style



  1. It's so sweet of you to sew for your mum. I'm sure she will wear them with pride. I like the mods you made to the last top, especially the sleeve tabs, maybe I'll borrow the idea someday :)

    1. Thank you:)
      I added the sleeve tabs for all of them, I think they are cute addition for a simple style top.

      And of course you are welcome to borrow the idea, looking forward to see what you make:)

  2. Love the tops for your mom, and your husband's shirt is stellar!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Mary. I love the tops too, can not wait to see her wearing it:)

  3. Your mom will love these Hana! What a sweet daughter you are. I too think I may have to steal your sleeve tab idea! Have a wonderful vacation.

    1. Thanks, Margo! I can not wait to go on the vacations!
      Sure you can steal the sleeve tabs idea. They are really cute and very easy to make:)

  4. I got such a surprise - I was expecting one top for you mother, but there are three beautiful tops - she is going to be so happy. They are all lovely - the tab roll back is a good idea as it makes the top look quite different - so that's like having six tops :)

    1. They are easy and fast project to make, that's why I decided to make three for her:) And I saw my mom love the type of top with sleeve tabs, so I made it for her.
      Thanks for your sweet comment:)