Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Crafts 2015 Part 1 : Angels

As promised in the previous post, here are my finished little angels that I made for Christmas decoration. The pattern was self-drafted and the whole process was hand sewing and gluing. It was very easy and fun,  it reminded me of my childhood when I made my first doll.
Well, before I write more about my process let's take a look at the finished angels. I made nine so far... :)

Self-drafted angel wings ( I made two kind of wings, pattern number 1 and 2),heart (number 3) and halo (number 4). The picture below shows the measurements. I started by drawing rectangle shapes for the wings and heart and square shape for the halo, then I drew the rest.

Fabric glue
Knit fabric for the body 26 long x 20 cm wide
Lace fabric 25 cm long x 20 cm wide
Polyester stuffing for the head
White yarn for the hair
Felt for the wing - heart and halo
Two small buttons
Ice cream stick for the body
Pencil to mark the eyes and lip
Threads (blue for the eyes, pink for the lip and beige for hand sewing)

After I prepared all things, I glued the buttons to the heart and halo. Set aside for later.

I place the stuffing in the middle of the knit fabric, cut two lines of yarn. Insert the stick in the middle of the head and tight/knot it with the yarn. And tight the other yarn in the tummy. As shown in the picture below.

I folded the lace fabric 1 cm and placed the body in the middle. Folded the lace again, it supposed to be her dress. As shown in picture below,

Using the beige thread, I hand sewn the back of the angel dress. As shown in the picture,

Then using the same thread, I hand sewn the wing to the body.

After I am done with the wing, I put the angel aside and prepared the hair. I took enough amount of white yarn and spread it, as shown in the first picture below. Then carefully hand sewn in the middle of the yarn.

After the hair already sewn, I attached to the head. Pin and hand sewn the hair, starting from the back to the forehead.

Then tuck the needle until the middle of the head and sewn the halo. As shown here,

I marked the eyes and lip using the pencil. Hand sewn the eyes with blue thread and lip with the pink thread.

Here is the angel face.

Then I glued the heart in the chest, trim her hair and the dress hem.

Here is the whole look, front and back views,

And the closer look of the angel from the front,

The last picture of the nine angels :) I love them all and cannot wait to hang or place them around the house. The only thing I need to do is add the thread on the halo when I want to hang them, I will see...

That's it for my Christmas craft 2015 part 1. I am done with another craft today, will be posting after this :)

Happy Sewing!!