Sunday, May 31, 2015

Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress # Batik

I made a new dress! This is my fourth version of BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift dress. I didn't make a change in the pattern but instead of using facing for the finishing neckline, I used bias tape piping. I also added back darts and sewn two little pleats in the front at the waistline. Those pleats were included because the dress was a little bit loose. I don't want to reduce and sew the dress in both sides again, so I pleated it and problem solved :)

Here I am, wearing my new dress last Friday for MMMay'15 day 29 - with theme : My Town. The picture was taken in the old part of Taipa.

BurdaStyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34. I made adjustments on the neckline and shoulder. Also added the dress length. You can see my muslin and pattern adjustments here

I bought 3.5 yards of batik fabric in Bangkok last year and I still have a leftover that is enough to make another dress/ blouse
Invisible zipper
1/2" wide bias tape in orange color
Fusible tape
Elastic loop and small button

Sewing Process :
I cut all the fabric pieces and sew all the raw edges using an overlocker sewing machine.
I pin and sew the front and back darts. And then pin and sew the dress at the shoulder, right sides together.
After that, I sew both sides of the dress, right sides together.
I fused fusible tape in both wrong sides of the center back.
Sew the bias tape right side facing the wrong side of the neckline. Then turned to the right side of the neckline and sew along the neckline. I did the same for the armholes.
After I am done the piping on the neckline and armholes, I sew the invisible zipper and continue sew the rest of the center back down to the hem.
For finished the center back, I sew the elastic loop and button on the top of the zipper.
Then sew the hemline with 4 cm hem allowance.

After my dress finished, I tried it and I noticed that the waist was a little bit loose. Well, I didn't want to reduce both sides again, so I just added two little pleats with the total size 2.5 cm on the front at the waistline (as I mentioned on the beginning of this post).

Here are the pictures of the dress in the dress form, front - back and side views

And here are the pictures of the piping detail, front and back views. I hope you can see the finished back with the loop and button.

The last picture of me with the view of one of the spot in the old Taipa. I always find the stair beautiful with hanging flowers and green plants in both sides. From this stair I can go to The Taipa Houses-Museum, The Venetian and Galaxy.

My previous dresses based on Jamie Shift Dress:
First version Color Block Dress
Second version Polka Dots Dress
Third version Floral Shift Dress

Happy sewing!


  1. Your dress looks so cute and comfortable Hana. I really like the contrast bias finish and what a great idea with the little pleats. As always, you wear your makes so well. x

    1. Thank you, Dawn :) I need to sew some more comfortable garments for summer, it's getting hotter with high humidity here in my place.

    2. Just right for the high humidity - as you say, more simple, cool things needed, also easy to wash and wear.

    3. I am not tolerant with high humidity and I think this year will be worse than the previous years.
      Well, I decided to sew more cotton garments in the next few weeks to wear in this season and so glad that I have some cotton in my stash. At least, don't need to visit fabric shop :D

  2. LOVE the bias contrast. your wardrobe must burst with such gorgeous garments x

  3. This dress really suits you - and a very striking fabric. As usual, beautifully finished - and I like the bright binding as well :). The making a little pleat trick is a good one - I've even used it on shoulders in blouses !

    The steps are very pretty; many of your photos are in pretty places - Macau must be quite lovely.

    1. Thank you, Sarah Liz. I love the bright binding too very much.
      Macau is quite lovely and small place :)

  4. So cute... Love the style too.. Happy sewing.

  5. Really a beautiful dress! I love how you placed the fabric at the darts! :)

    1. Thank you, Katharina. The darts are lovely and I think it sit nicely :)

  6. The little pleats are a great idea to take in a loose waist. I really like bias finish -- it adds a pop of color.

  7. So cute! I just aded darts/pleats to a blouse I made in order to get some shaping. We are thinking in a similar way.

    1. Thank you, Mary :) I look forward to see your new blouse :)

  8. Your fabric is really nice, it's easier to look at it here!The bias is a great idea. I hope you'll have a nice Sunday!
    See you tomorrow on MMMay...