Saturday, May 16, 2015

DIY Apron

Hi all..
My sewing machine was broken two days ago, the hand wheel doesn't move. Immediately I took it to the shop and so glad that the guy managed to fix it :) Yay!!
As soon as the machine back home, I sew an apron for which I already cut the fabric in Monday.
I need a new apron to wear when I am cooking and baking because my first one was damaged. The picture below was taken yesterday in the kitchen just before I bake breadsticks.

Materials :
I have 1.5 yards of yellow cotton fabric printed with colorful fishes. I used 3/4 yard for my apron and still have left over that is enough to make a reversible bag or any other small project.

Pattern :
This apron is self-drafted. I measured directly on the fabric and cut it.
My apron was made from four pieces of rectangle shapes.
- Apron body x 2 (22 cm long and 20 cm wide)
- Apron skirt x 1 (60 cm long and 48 cm wide)
- Straps x 2 (50 cm long and 7 cm wide)
- Belt x 1 (115 cm long and 10 cm wide)
All the measurements are including 1 cm seam allowances in all edges.

Sewing Process :
Firstly, I folded my strap right sides together - pin it and stitched but leave one side open to turn the strap.
Turned the strap inside out and press it using the iron.

Then I placed the body fabric right side up. Marked 1 cm from the corner and placed both straps (the side that is open). And then put another body fabric right side down, so the straps is in between the fabrics. Pin and stitched it.
After that, I pin and stitched both sides of the body fabric. Turn inside out and press it using iron.

I prepared my belt by folded the fabric right sides together, pin and stitched but leave one side open to turn the belt.
After I turn the belt inside out. I iron it and hand stitched the opening area.

After the method above done, I sew all the raw edges of the skirt and body apron using an overlocked sewing machine. Then, pin and stitched the skirt and body right sides together.

I pin the belt on the top of upper skirt, stitched and press it using an iron

Here is the final result. I knot the straps around the neck and knot the belt at the back. Isn't it very easy and practical?

And one more picture of the apron, front - side and back views

This apron is a part of my weekly update DIY Friday.

Until next..

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  1. A cute and practical apron. Your instructions are very clear and easy to follow.

  2. What a lovely apron! So glad your machine came back in good working order so you could finish your pretty apron.

  3. Cute apron, especially the little fish. Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. The fishes are so adorable and it was on sale :)

  4. Thank you the easy tutorial. This will be great for a friend who is just beginning to sew. I love the fish -- how cute!

  5. So cute! And I adore the colour. And something you will get a lot of wear out of also :) x

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I wear it all the time when I am in the kitchen. I think I need to sew one more :)

  6. I'm glad your machine is back in good working order. Very pretty apron.

  7. I really like aprons and yours is a truly cute one!



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