Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY Friday : Tailor's Hams And Sausages

I felt sorry that I didn't make a DIY project last week. As I mentioned on my previous post, I wasn't at home. So, there is no opportunity to make it.

For this week I decided to make tailor's hams and sausages. I wanted to make them since so long but always distracted with other things.
I am sure this two little things will be very useful and work much better than my rolled towel :)
The tailor's hams will help me to work better on pressing any curved seams. The tailor's sausages will slip easier inside the sleeve and help me to press and open any hard seams that I can not reach.

I found the free patterns from Tilly's blog, she wrote a very easy step by step tutorial with pictures how to make them. The original patterns are from Victory Patterns.
If any of you want to make your own, please feel free to click over the link for the pattern and tutorial ---HERE---

The picture below is my sewing in progress, I followed the step by step tutorial but instead of using thick cotton I used medium weight cotton and also as I don't have sawdust for stuffing, I used polyester.
Some people on the blog also mentioned that would be nicer if I used two type of fabrics, one side with cotton fabric and another side with wool fabric. I was thinking about that, but as I was so lazy to dig up my stash to look for wool fabric, I just went with same fabric :)

 One more picture of the finished projects

This DIY Friday will be run every week, you can follow me through PINTEREST, FACEBOOK or FLICKR

Happy crafting and I wish you all a great sewing weekend!


  1. Very useful, you'll be glad you have them. I made a tailor's ham once and stuffed it with polyester, but I cheated and bought the tailors sausage.

    1. Hehe... I bet that you don't have time to make the tailor's sausage, that's why you bought it :)

  2. Great items to have in your sewing room. I really use my sewing ham all the time..wonderful..
    I have never heard of a sausage, ha.. But.. need to check that out.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Judy. It's fun to make them and I think you should try to make the sausage, it will be very useful :)



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