Saturday, December 27, 2014

Black And White Color Block T-Shirt - Free Pattern

Today, I'd like to share my latest sewing project that I made in the beginning of December and that I already wore several times :)

The other day when I was popping around Pinterest, I found a free dress pattern that I cannot resist to give it a try. After I saved and printed the pattern, I checked inside my stash box but I couldn't find two yards of knit cotton to make the full dress.
Then, I went to another stash box and luckily found the leftover knit cotton in black and white, both are 75 cm. So, only enough to make a color block t-shirt :)

Well, my first experiment of this pattern was good. I like the simple basic pattern that is so easy to mix and match. For now, I am happy to make the t-shirt and for sure I will make the dress in the future :)

Pattern and alteration:
I used a free pattern The Brigitte Dress from Love Sewing Magazine, size 8.
As I made a top from this pattern, I cut the pattern on the hip line with the following alteration:
  • Because I used knit cotton fabric, I skip the darts and the back zipper
  • I added 1.5 cm in both sides at the waist line. This is the easier way to create a relaxed t-shirt without feeling tight at the waist
  • Shorten the sleeve a little bit until the top of my elbow
  • Finished the neckline with neckband, I followed this tutorials to sew the neckband ~~here is the link~~
  • To made the color block t-shirt, I slashed the front pattern in four pieces and slashed the back pattern in two pieces. I added 1.5 cm seam allowance in all edges and 3 cm seam allowances for sleeve hem and hemline
Sewing Process:
I worked on the front t-shirt first by cutting all the pieces and put them in the order as shown in the picture below.

Then sew all the pieces right sides together. Here is the result,

After I have done the front t-shirt, then I worked on the back t-shirt. I cut the back in two pieces, white color for the top and black color for the bottom - as shown in the picture below left side,

Sew the back pieces right sides together. Here is the result,

And then sew the sleeves. After I have done the sleeves, I sew the neckband onto the neckline.
Then I did the last work on making this t-shirt, sew the hemline and sleeves hem 3 cm using a twin needle. Done!

And here are two more pictures of me wearing the t-shirt, side and back views,

Until next... and I wish everyone Happy Holidays!


  1. Hana -- Happy Holidays! I downloaded this pattern but have yet to make it. You did a wonderful job with it -- the color blocking really gives it a modern vibe. I think you have a winner!

    1. Thank you, Annie. You will love this pattern. Happy Holidays!

  2. Hana, such a cute top.. Great idea to color block..
    Thanks for sharing the pattern..
    Hope you and your family had a great Christmas ..
    Wishing you a blessed 2015.

  3. Excellent top. Your colour blocking idea was brilliant.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. Yes, it is great idea of using the left over fabric :)

  4. Colour blocking is always a great way to use those annoying leftover pieces. A very smart t-shirt indeed. Happy New Year, looking forward to your sewing friendship during 2015.

    1. Thank you, Sarah Liz. I agree :)
      Happy New Year and looking forward to see your garment in 2015

  5. Oh this turned out very nice Hana! Black and white looks so striking on you! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you for sweet words, Sue :) Happy New Year!

  6. Great top Hana! What a perfect way to use up those pesky leftover pieces we all have. Lovely.