Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mickey Mouse And Ghost For Halloween

I made two Halloween costumes! A Mickey Mouse for my son Eduardo and a ghost for my stepson Rafael :)
Eduardo celebrated the Halloween with his teachers and classmates in his kindergarten school. In the morning they had parade around the school and then they had party in the afternoon in the classroom. I managed to come to join them in the afternoon party, it was so much fun :)

Rafael attended the Halloween party in the friend house. And he said that he had a nice party as well :)

Before I continue writing more about the detail of the costumes, here is the picture of "costume in progress" which I want to share earlier in the blog but I don't have time to do it.


Eduardo love Mickey so much, so it's a good opportunity to make something that he loves. Two weeks before Halloween, I looked for the material inside my stash and luckily I had 2 yards of black knit cotton which is more than enough to make the top with hoodie. I also had polyester felt that is perfect to make Mickey ears.
But unluckily there is no red fabric inside my stash :(  Then I went to the fabric shop and bought 1 yard of cotton drill.

Pattern And Alteration:
Inspiration from Mickey Mouse costume in Pinterest, here
For the top, based on Shark costume pattern from BurdaStyle size 110. I used the top part of the pattern with the hoodie, skip the tooth, skip the front zipper and make a short sleeve.  Then I made Mickey ears, which I inserted in both side of the hoodie.
For the shorts, based on Boys sweatpants pattern from BurdaStyle size 110. I made a shorts out from pants pattern, by cut the pattern right on the knee and slash a little in both side of the pattern to avoid tightness. I skip the pocket to make it faster. I made the tail and two big white button.

Sewing Process:
I sew the top/t-shirt complete with sleeves and hem. Then I cut the polyester felt to make Mickey ears, overlocked around the ear with an overlocker  sewing machine.

After that I prepared the hoodie pieces. I put the Mickey ear 6 cm from the top of the back hoodie piece, then put the front piece in the top of the ear - so, the ear is in between the hoodie pieces right sides together. Pin and sew it. As shown in the picture below,

After that, I pin and sew the hoodie right sides together. Also sew the lining.
Then sew the lining to the hoodie right sides together. Turn inside out and sew the hoodie to the t-shirt. Done!

For the Mickey shorts, I sew the shorts front pieces right sides together and sew the big white in circle shape that supposed to be button. As I don't have a big white button, I replaced it with white knit cotton in circle shape that I sew on the top of polyester felt.
After that, I worked on the shorts back. I made the Mickey tail from the black knit fabric first. Then, I put the tail in between the shorts back pieces - right sides together. Pin and sew it.
Sew the front and back shorts right sides together at the side and middle area.
Sew the waistband and then sew another side of the shorts.
Fold the waistband, sew it but leave 10 cm opening to insert the elastic.
Insert the elastic and sew the opening area. Hem the shorts. Done!

I searched Pinterest and found at least two ideas of making the ghost costumes, you can see them here and here. After have the idea in my mind, I went to the fabric shop nearby and bought 3.5 yards of knit cotton in white color.
To make a ghost costume is very easy. I just put the fabric all over Rafael body, draw his eyes and mouth.
After that I drew the scary eyes and mouth on the black knit fabric, iron fusible interfacing and sew the eyes and mouth. Then I made hole on the eye and topstitched around it.
Then sew 30 cm long for sleeve. Just like I sew the batwing top. 
The last part is cut the bottom area with big zig-zag. Done!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Eek! Eduardo becomes an adorable mouse! Happy to hear that your sons had a fun Hallowe'en!

    1. Ehehehe... I am smiling whenever I see the pictures

  2. What absolutely great fun- Eduardo looks so cute. And isn't Rafael tall? Glad you all had a nice time, and I should think the Mickey Mouse costume will get lots of wear in the next few months.

    1. Rafael is a tall boy, his height is 184 cm now and I am sure he will grow a little bit more :)
      I am thinking to removed the ears, so Eduardo can wear the hooded t-shirt in the cooler weather but I am not sure about the red shorts - it looks too much to wear as everyday wear :)

  3. Hana -- you son is so precious! That Micky Mouse costume was perfect. The ghost costume is spot on too! Hope there were treats and not a lot of tricks!

    1. Thank you Annie. The little one got only treats because he still too small to get tricks. The big one for sure got both :)

  4. I'm sure your kids had lots of fun with Their funny costumes. They look amazing! I did not know that Halloween is celebrated in your country. Here in Spain it is not very popular.

    1. They had a lot of fun, dear. Normally, the students in the kindergarten and primary school celebrated Halloween in their school. And some people made their private party for fun :)

  5. Very creative, Hana. What a nice job on your son's and stepson's costumes.