Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finished October MAGAM Outfit

I made this outfit after finishing my second version of New Look 6225. The idea came up suddenly when I realized that I didn't make any plans for October MAGAM Challenge. As I only have a little time to finish it, I chose this outfit to work with. And luckily the outfit was completed before the end of October but to publish it here took me more time :)

For the top - I used 1.5 yards of printed chiffon and black thread.
For the skirt - I used 1.5 yards of linen in black color, fusible interfacing, invisible zipper and black thread.

Patterns And Alterations:
For the top - I used Simplicity New Look 6225 B  size 34.  You can see my first and second version here. I made the top length a little bit shorter and the neckline not so high than the two previous  tops.

For the skirt, I used Burdastyle Tie Skirt 08/2012 # 134 size 36 but I omitted the tie. You can see my first version of this skirt here. I made the skirt length 4 cm longer than the first one.

The sewing process is the same as my previous works, you can pop over them for more details. Here is the link of my first and second New Look 6225 Tops and here is the link of My First Skirt.

The only surprise for me was how the neckline behaved, I was planning to use ready made bias tape for neckline finishing but the result was so disappointing. I think that the bias tape was too heavy for chiffon fabric.
Then I decided to remove the bias tape by picking out all the stitching carefully because I don't want to ruin the top. It was not such a fun thing to do :(
After that, I made my own bias tape from the same fabric. Sew it along the neckline right sides together and flip them to the wrong side of the top. Top stitched it and I am done :)

For the black skirt, there's really nothing more to say because you can not see the detail. The skirt has sections seams in both sides and no waistband, so it was easy and quick to sew.

Well, I think is those are enough explanations for my outfit. I just want to show you more pictures of me wearing it and some more pictures of top and the skirt details.

front view of the outfit

back view of the outfit

front view of New Look top 6225 B

back view of New Look top 6225 B

front view of Burdastyle Skirt 08/2012

back view of Burdastyle Skirt 08/2012
wrong side of the skirt - you can see in the picture that the skirt has sections
in both sides and no waistband

Happy sewing!


  1. So lovely -- I would never know you had neckline problems! This going to sound geeky but the inside of you skirt is beautiful!

  2. Such a pretty outfit. Your blouse fabric is lovely.

  3. That is a pretty outfit, both pieces look both useful and beautifully made :)

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. I am sure I will wear them a lot :)

  4. I love this type of outfit-simple skirt and feminine blouse. Well done!

    1. Thank you Mary. I love it too, nothing can beat simple skirt and feminine blouse :)

  5. What a lovely outfit; well made, flattering, and just right on you. (My first comment seems to have disappeared--sorry if this is a duplicate.)

    1. Hi Patricia, thank you for the lovely comment :)

  6. Sorry you had neck troubles with the top..But, I am proud you kept going, it is beautiful.. Looks really pretty with the skirt..
    Happy sewing.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Happy sewing to you too :)