Friday, November 21, 2014

DIY Friday : Shoulder Pads

Hello everyone,
Starting today and on every Friday you will find a new episode about DIY in this blog. I mentioned about this plan in my last post some weeks ago but only now I manage to make it true... :)

So here is the first DIY Friday, it's something very easy and fast to make and using fabric scraps. Believe me, this little DIY only took me less than one hour to finish.

The idea came up when I needed shoulder pads for my BurdaStyle jacket that I have been working on since last week.
I didn't want to buy ready made shoulder pads in my local shop because they look too big and bulky for me. I like kind of soft and not so stuffy, so I prefer to make it myself.

I followed step by step tutorials in here is the link how to make your own shoulder pad.
The tutorial were easy to follow, but they didn't mention about the finishing shoulder pad. So I just sew around it using an overlocker sewing machine after sew it with normal sewing machine. I think this method is the best way to avoid the fabric from fraying.
And also, I only used one layer of quilted batting because I just want soft shoulder pad :)

Polka dots silk satin from the left over this top and the lining of this cape, floral silk satin from the left over kimono dress that I never blog about and quilter batting.

As it was so easy and fast, I decided to make another two sets from floral silk. So in the end, I made four sets :)
I am using one set for my BurdaStyle jacket now and the other three sets will be staying inside sewing box for me to use anytime I need.

Happy sewing and wish you all a great weekend!


  1. Making your own shoulder pads is a brilliant idea. Like you I don't like the stiff bulky pads you buy. Thank you for the link. I have tried making my own shoulder pads but didn't think of putting darts in them. Yours look great and will be most useful.

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Kathy. Sure, I will use them someday :)

  2. Hana, what pretty shoulder pads.. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.I too. dislike the RTW shoulder pads, too big..

    1. Judy, I am not the only one who's dislike RTW shoulder pads.
      Thank you for sweet comment :)

  3. Not only are RTW shoulder pads big, they are often bouncy as they are made from foam rubber. This is a good idea - nice little pads that give just a bit of lift and shape.

    Good luck with your new series:)

    1. That's why I prefer to make it myself. The RTW shoulder pads made me look like I have double shoulder!
      Thank you, Sarah Liz :)