Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Polka Dots Shift Dress

Hello everyone,
I mentioned on my last post that I will be making some sewing projects for summer and here is one of them :)
I have done this dress many days ago but only this morning I manage to take pictures.

Dress descriptions:
Very simple style sleeveless shift dress that is perfect for everyday wear, the dress has square neck with bias binding around the neckline,  front and back darts, knee length, middle zipper and finished with hooks and eyes.

2 yards of dark blue polka dots stretch cotton ( the amount of stretch is just very little ), fusible interfacing, same color invisible zipper, hooks n' eyes, grey color bias tape and same color of thread.

Pattern and modifications:
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34. You can see my first dress based on this pattern, here
I made some modifications on the pattern - based on my first dress ,
  • I change the front and back neckline to the square style. For dress front piece :  I made square neckline from the inner shoulder down to the middle front 14 cm. Then from the middle front to the center front 7 cm. Cut the pattern on fold. For dress back piece : I also made square neckline from the inner shoulder down to the middle back 14 cm. Then from the middle back to the center back 8 cm. Cut the pattern two pieces.
  • I made sway back adjustment and added the back darts. I also change the side zipper to the middle back.
Sewing process:
I am not going to write here everything about my sewing process because it is the same as any other sleeveless dress I've made. The only thing different is the square neckline. So, after I have done the dress body complete with the zipper, I fused the fusible interfacing on the facings (armhole facings and the neckline facings).
For the armhole facing, I sew the front and back facing right sides together. Then sew it to the armhole right sides together, clip around the curved area - turn it to the inside and top stitch in the right side.
For the neckline facing, I sew the front and the back facing right sides together. Then sew the bias tape in the outer facing. After that, I pin the facing right side on the neckline wrong side - sew it and clip it in the each corner of neckline - turn it from the inside out and sew again around the way the neckline at the bias tape.

The rest of the process is normal and I think all of you already master it :) So, I just want to show you some more pictures of the dress,

front views
back views

Until next time...


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Love the style and love the polka dots.Happy sewing.

    1. Thank you, Judy! Happy sewing to you too :)

  2. I love it! It looks really great on you.

  3. Gorgeous. The square neckline is so pretty. Perfect for hot weather a cool drinks.

  4. Just lovely. Great colour on you and I LOVE those polka dots.

    1. Thank you, Debbie. I love the polka dots too :)

  5. Very summery and sweet dress!

  6. Beautiful dress! Love the square neckline with white piping! Great work!

  7. This dress is so lovely Hana.....I love it to bits!!! Great job.

  8. That's so cute but smart at the same time. It's great to have a simple little pattern like this to rework in different fabrics. I love the white piping, it makes the dress have a real nautical feel to it. Enjoy wearing it :)

  9. This dark blue with polka dots looks great on you, and I love the square neckline with the piping.



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