Thursday, July 31, 2014

July MAGAM - Floral Shift Dress

I have finished my floral dress and I will be wearing this dress on a very special occasion next month :) So, I decided to just show you the dress in the dress form for now. Then I will post pictures of me wearing it on that day.

Well, I started work on this dress in the end of May but I was stuck with the neckline. I didn't know exactly what I wanted the neckline to be and then after the dress hanging for so long in the dress form, I just decided to make the neckline exactly same as my previous dress. Problem solved!

Pattern and materials:
For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Vintage Modern Jamie Shift Dress size 34 with some modifications. You can check the detail here in my previous dress
For the materials - I used 2 yards of floral cotton, fusible interfacing, ready-made bias tape in orange color, invisible zipper, hook n eye and same color thread.

Sewing process:
Most of the sewing process is exactly like my previous dress but this time the neckline finishes much cleaner and look smoother.
On my previous dress, I sew the bias tape on the neck facing and sew it again to the dress and the result is a little bit bulky. It's fine but I didn't like it so much. So, I tried another method - I basted the neck facing, pinned the bias tape on the outer neck facing and the dress at the same time. Then I sew it. The result is very good and I am happy with it :) I will show you what I did in the below post,
I cut all the facings pieces and fused it with fusible interfacing. As shown on the picture, above are front armhole facings and front neck facing - below are back armhole facings and back neck facings.

I sew the armhole facings, front and back right sides together. Then sew the neck facings front and back right sides together. As shown in the picture.

 I place the neck facing on the dress - with right side facing the wrong side of the dress. Pin it and sew it around.

I clipped around the neckline, especially in the corner area I clipped three times just like W as shown in the picture. This method is very important to make the corner neckline done nicely. I hope you understand what I mean.

After that, I turned the facing to the outside. You can see result... it's done nicely :)

Then I basted around the neckline, as shown in the picture.

I pinned the bias tape around the outer neck facing and the dress at the same time, then carefully sew it. And then I removed the baste.

After that, I sew the armhole facing on the dress right sides together and turn it inside - sorry that I forgot to take a picture.
And the last part is sew the hook n eye, I pinned the back facing as shown in the picture below - hand sewn around it and stitch the hook n eye. Done!
Here is the picture of the wrong side of the dress after I sew the hook n eye,

And the last three pictures of the upper dress front, back and side views

A little note: as I didn't plan anything for July MAGAM Challenge, I decided to put this dress as my finished July garment :)
Happy sewing and have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. So beautiful! Love those colours, and the neckline is finished so perfectly. Thanks for all the detailed info on how you got it to look so perfect!

  2. Hana, just perfect.. Know it will be beautiful on you.. love the fabric.

  3. Lovely dress Hana I love the vibrant colours it gives it a very different look to your first version. Thanks for sharing the neckline how to. You have done a really good job on the neckline.

    1. Hi Tracy, I love the vibrant colors too very much and thank you for your lovely comment :)

  4. Hana, this is such a pretty dress, and I love the neckline treatment.

    1. Thank you, Mary. Glad that you loved it :)

  5. Oh, what beautiful colors! What a lovely vision you will be for those at the special occasion.

  6. It's very pretty - I am looking forward to seeing a picture (if your are able to do one) at the special occasion - I wonder what it is (could be birthdays of you or loved ones, an anniversary, someone special visiting...). It's certainly a very beautiful dress.

    The neckline works nicely - sometimes I get stuck with what to do as well, and the best thing is to just do something, or nothing will happen.
    It looks like you use the same sort of interfacing that I use.

  7. Hi Sarah Liz, we are going to celebrate my husband birthday - so it will be a good opportunity to wear my new dress :) and for sure I will take picture and publish it here.
    The interfacing is kind of light weight and it works very well. Thank you for lovely comment :)

  8. Gorgeous dress. I love the print, and loved the way you finished the neckline.

  9. This is so beautiful, Hana. Very lovely colors.

    1. Thank you, Olivia. I love the color too very much :)

  10. I'm glad I came to your blog for a better view of this awesome dress. Up close is better so I could see the trim.

    1. Oh... you are so lovely, Dorothy. Thank you :)

  11. So very pretty. I bet it looks fabulous on you (share a picture!!).