Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sewing In Progress: Color Block Dress

 dress flat sketch

I am working on this dress since Tuesday morning and I am glad that I manage to finished my muslin and fitting issue on that day.
This color block dress based on Jamie Shift Dress size 34 from Burdastyle Sewing Vintage Modern.
I made pattern modifications on the front dress and added the dart on the back dress ( see my dress flat sketch above).
I altered the front and back dress at the shoulder 1/2" and lower the middle back dress at the neckline `1 1/4". Also altered the length of the dress 2 1/2".

my muslin from Jamie shift dress pattern
- I bought 2 yards of each fabric (black, grey and printed fabric), I'll make another project from the leftover fabric.
- 2 yards of silk satin for the lining
- Invisible zipper in black color, fusible interfacing, black and grey color thread.

my fabrics for the color block dress

I cut all the fabric yesterday and sew it according to the sewing instructions from the book. I am happy that I didn't find any problem during the sewing process.
Here are the pictures of my work,
front dress piece

back dress piece
And today, I am working on the dress lining, I sew the front and back lining right sides together. Then sew the lining at the neckline right sides together, turn the lining inside the dress.
After that, I sew the lining to  the invisible zipper using both machine and hand sewing.

So, tomorrow I'll continue to work on the armhole and hem line.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow, this dress looks like it s going to be absolutely beautiful! I love the fabrics and colours you have chosen :)

    1. I hope so:)
      Thanks for your sweet words, Carolyn.

  2. Hi Hana, I agree with Carolyn - this is going to be a very sophisticated colour block dress that will still look good after the colour block trend has been and gone.

  3. Love this dress, it reminds me of 60s Fashion, it's one of my favorite fashion decades. You are doing a perfect job!

    1. Thanks Rosy, 60s is my favorite fashion decades too:)

  4. Very nice dress Hana I love the colours! you have chosen. Looking forward to seeing it completed and on you!

  5. Hi Jacquianne! I have done this dress yesterday,
    Thanks for stopping by:)