Friday, December 2, 2011

Bias Tape Tutorial

Here I would like to share how to make bias tape by Yourself without bias tape maker.
Material needed:
- Cotton fabric
- Scissor
- Iron


          Cut Your fabric, for example: I want to make 1.5 cm bias tape. So I have to cut my fabric 3 cm. You can see the picture above.


             With wrong side facing, fold your fabric as the picture above. Hold Your fabric with the scissor and another one with Your finger. It is better for You to do it on the top of ironing board with the iron already prepared for the next step.


                Take Your finger out of the fabric, carefully iron Your fabric as the picture above. Do it until the end of your fabric.


                  Your bias tape already done! It is very easy, isn't it? Just repeat ironing your fabric one more time for better result.

If you've made a bias tape, I'd love to see it. Please feel free to comments on a link below or drop me an email. Thank you:)

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