Me Made May 2024 Recap, Day 1-14

I'm participating in Me-Made-May 2024 and my pledge is to wear me-made/refashioned outfits each day throughout May 2024. My goal is to continue wearing my makes, discovering a new style that fits me and also connecting with like-minded people. Me-Made-May is a wardrobe challenge created by Zoe  @sozoblog  and this year is my 12th year of participating. Time flies so fast! Okay, here is my recap from day 1-7, Day 1: v-neck tiered dress, rayon fabric and self-drafted pattern. Day 2: v-neck batik top and denim skirt, self-drafted patterns  Day 3: gingham cotton dress, self-drafted pattern and my husband wore a button-down shirt, Burdastyle vintage modern pattern. Day 4: floral midi dress, self-drafted pattern. Day 5: oversized linen blouse, Burdastyle pattern 7/2017 and denim pants, Ottobre design pattern. Day 6: square neck cotton dress, self-drafted pattern. Day 7: pyjama set, self-drafted pattern. I didn't like jersey knit fabric but the print is so nice and I had t

Lace Long Sleeve Flowy Blouse

I'm finally back to writing on this blog after being busy for two months, I still sew some small items and mend a few clothes but haven't sewn new clothes. 
Until two days before Valentine's arrived, I felt like I had to sew a new blouse to wear to dinner. The blouse had to be in the shade of pink, so I checked my stash and found 2 yards of lace fabric in fuchsia that I don't remember when I bought it.
After I had the fabric, I started making the pattern (based on my previous self-drafted blouse pattern) I modified the pattern into a flowy blouse. The pattern was simple, a round neckline, gathered front and back yokes and gathered sleeves with elastic bands.

Here is the pattern that I drafted,

And after the pattern was done, I cut the fabric as usual.

The sewing process was fun and turned out to be easier than I imagined. I sewed the neckline front and back yokes and then attached them to the gathered bodices as shown below.

After that, I sewed the shoulder lines together. And then attached the sleeves to the armholes.
I sewed the sleeve allowance and inserted the elastic band in it.
The last part was to sew the hem allowance and iron the finished blouse.
I'm relieved that the blouse finished on time without a rush.

Here are the pictures of the finished blouse, front-side and back views. In the end, I accessorized the blouse with a bow tie scarf made from the same fabric. It looks nicer and I love it.

The last two pictures of the blouse in the wild 😀😍 Me and husband during the dinner, our son was with us as well. The food was delicious and everything was perfect. For the foodie, I shared our food on Instagram and TikTok, the links are here and here

I paired my new blouse with me-made jacket as well. The jacket was made in 2018 and you can see the detail here in my previous post.

Also, this blouse is my entry to Magam Sew Along - Freedom February challenge on Instagram, my interpretation of this month's theme is that making clothes with my own patterns gives me the freedom to modify and create the design I want. Thank you for hosting Sue, Suzy and Blak Blanca. Here is the link from IG to see more #magamfreedomfebruary

Thank you for stopping by, happy sewing 💗


  1. Such a lovely blouse Hana, and so clever of you to draft the pattern yourself. It looks perfect and is very well proportioned for you. Hope all well, regards Trish S.

    1. Hi Trish. I'm very well, thank you and I hope you are well and healthy. Thank you for the lovely comments about the blouse, I'm thinking to make another ;)

  2. I appreciate the thought and effort you put into each post.


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