Ottobre Vivian Top

Hello, I made a new top based on Ottobre sewing pattern magazine and this is the first garment of 2020. I chose this pattern because it looked easy to sew and I will wear this top more in my daily life.
For the fabric, I used knit cotton in red that I bought at the end of December and I still have leftover to make another garment.

I got the Ottobre magazine during our visit to Portugal last summer and I was really happy because the magazine has a lot of basic wear patterns for both men and women. I'm excited and look forward to sewing some of them.
Well, back to Vivian's top pattern (picture below). I used size 38 with adjustments: 
  • I lengthen the sleeve 16 cm because I wanted the long sleeve version, the original pattern was 3/4 sleeve.
  • I added 1.5 cm on both sides of the bodices, started from hem to sleeve. I did this because I fear the top will be too tight for my liking.

As I mentioned on my Instagram, I made this top together with the matching denim pants for my entry to #magamsewalong "Genuine January" hosted by Sue, Helene, and Suzy. And my entry to #sewyourwardrobebasics January theme is "Denim" hosted by Stefanie. Also, this top is part of my garment for #2020makenine . The picture below is my plan, both patterns are Ottobre and I'll be posting the denim pants in another post later.

The sewing process of the top was easy and fast, the top has three pieces of patterns and a batwing sleeve style. 
Firstly I cut the fabric, folded and sewed the front neckline and sewed the front pieces right sides together. 
And then I sewed the back neck facing right sides together but left the seam allowance un-sewn, clipped around and turned the facing to the wrong side of the top.

After that I worked on the neckline, I pinned and sewed the upper sleeve from sleeve hem until the neckline, the neck back facing remained free.
Here is the look of it after I sewed with my overlocker machine. And then, I placed the back neck facing up and folded at the seam allowance.
I flipped back the back neck facing to the place (wrong sides together), pinned and hand-sewed. 
And then, I sewed the facing and bodice together. 
Here is the look of the wrong sides of the front and back top. After that, I sewed the sides of the bodice, sewed the sleeve hem and hemline with the twin needle. That's it, hope this little post helps 😊 
I love the deep v-neck and it laid properly on me and Ellie my dress-form.

Here is the look of whole top, the batwing style is easy and fast to sew also very comfortable to wear.

Have a lovely day and happy sewing 💗💗


  1. What a beautiful color and style! I actually just wore an old RTW top that is very similar to this, and was vaguely wondering about a pattern - it also has a twist at the bottom front, which I wasn’t sure about but actually really like. Thank you for posting!

    1. Thank you, I love red and this style suits my daily routine 🙂 Twist at the bottom is a lovely detail.

  2. Beautiful top Hana! I have this same pattern, and your version is lovely. I hope to see about those denim pants soon too!

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. This pattern is easy and fast to sew. I hope to finish the denim pants before end of this month 💕


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