Long Vest - Refashioned From Oversize Coat.

Hello fellow sewists, showing you the refashioned garment for my entry to "Frumpy to Fabulous" February - #magamsewalong challenge. Saddly Sarah Liz is no longer hosting the challenge after some years supporting us to make something we really need. But glad that #magamsewalong will continue and we have three lovely ladies hosting the challenge (SueHelene and Suzy) πŸ’—

February was a short month and I had limited time to sew, only in 25th I decided that I should refashion my oversize coat into a vest to participate the challenge. Hoping that I will wear the vest more often.
I made the coat in January 2017, pattern  Burdastyle Oversize Coat 08/2014 using wool blend in greyish green colour with silk lining. It was a lot of work, especially to sew the lapels and lining - detail here. But in the end, I don't wear this coat often. It was too long and unpractical, also don't look good in my petite figure. 
My vest inspiration: Olivia Palermo, picture credited to Style Bistro.
The process of refashion started with cut the sleeves, shorten the length, removed in-seam pockets and back vent which in the end I found a big hole at the lining after back vent removed πŸ˜ƒ I have to cover the lining with the same fabric from the sleeve and glad it was in the back and no one will notice.
I was thinking to finish the armhole with hand-sewn the wool and lining together but it wasn't looking good. Then I used bias tape band from stash in almost same colour, pinned and sewed right sides together and hand-sewn to the lining fabric. Love the final armhole, even the hole was too big for my liking but I will be okay as I will wear this vest over t-shirt.
Here is the closer look of the back side where I removed the vent. I sewed the center back until the hem and cut the leftover wool fabric. Pressed with iron but still can see the marking of the previous vent πŸ˜•
And here is the look of the lining after the hole (from removed vent) covered with the same fabric. It looks tidy and nobody noticed except me πŸ˜„
I added the patch pockets with flaps, I used the fabrics from the sleeves. I changed the buttons and snaps to smaller size compared with the original coat and decided to put three rows instead of two.

Also, I raised the finished lapels because the previous one looks too low and don't suit me.

That's it for today, happy weekend and happy sewing to you all πŸ’—


  1. You did a great job with turning this coat into a long vest.


  2. It looks fantastic Hana. You are right, the first coat was just too mannish for you - that look can work on some people, but not you. This is much better and more practical for everyday wear. I love it, and the patch pockets. Thanks for being such a wonderful sewer for The Make a Garment a Month Challenge - it will be fun seeing what Sue, Suzy and Helene choose each month for the challenge.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah Liz ❤❤ I look forward to seeing everyone's makes this month and will post my plan for Mad March tomorrow on IG πŸ’•

  3. Beautiful insides and finishing! I can see the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Vanessa, I'd love to make another vest with proper armhole πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•


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