Little Dracula For Halloween 2016

Happy Halloween to all!
I've been very quiet for a while, busy with a lot of things but so glad that I am still sewing 30 minutes - one hour a day and managed to finish some garments (a skirt, tunic and two dresses). I will be posting them in the next couple days :)

For today, I'd love to show you a vest that I made for my son for his Halloween party :) Isn't he a very cute little Dracula?

I was planning to make him the whole costume (a cape and vest) but I didn't have enough time, so I decided to make a vest and buy the cape in the local kid's store. His t-shirt is rtw and his black pants is me-made from last year.
I used BurdaStyle quilted vest 09/2014#146 size 128 and made modification in almost all the pieces so the final vest doesn't look like the original pattern.
  • I changed the front neckline to a V-neck with the front hem with V-shape as well.
  • Reduced the outer shoulder 2 cm.
  • I omitted the front armhole and made a straight line started from outer shoulder down to the hem (it looks a bit like triangle shape).
  • The back  has huge hole/space - the two things that hold the back were the back neckline band and another band at the bottom. I made the back neckline exactly the size of the shoulder and another band (6 cm wide) attached 5 cm on top of the bottom/hem.
  • Made front facings
  • The back neckline band and vest sides finished with bias tape.
  • Sewn 3 snap buttons and 3 black buttons for final touch.
For the fabric, I used red colour woven that I am not really sure which type. The fabric is the leftover from mickey mouse pants that I made for his costume last year.

The process was quite fast, I did the vest in one afternoon and then sew the snap buttons and black buttons at night. After all, I like how the vest turned out. The hole in the back is really great, he doesn't sweat and feel comfortable wearing with the cape over it :)

Here are the finished vest, front - back - side and the closer look of the front with snaps and buttons.

And more pictures of my son wearing it. He was very happy with his costume :):)

Happy Sewing and wishing you a wonderful Tuesday!




  1. He is a super cute little Dracula! :) You#re so talented, the costume looks great!

  2. What an adorably cute Dracula.. Hope he had tons of fun.
    You did a great job on the vest too. Happy sewing.

  3. Very professionally done. I'm following you on Bloglovin.

  4. I haven't seen such a cute Dracula:D I am glad that you had a fun Halloween.
    P. S I posted the "Manekineko: Lucky cats" pics on google+:

  5. Your son is so adorable! That is such a cute outfit, you did an amazing job.

  6. What a clever way to modify this vest!!! I'd never think of omitting the back in such a way. He is a very cute Dracula and hope he had lots of fun Halloween! :)

    1. Thank you , Lisa. He had fun Halloween and he loved his costume :)


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