Sunday, November 13, 2016

Bohemian Blouses

Hi sewing friends!
Finally the weather is getting colder here in Macau and I am glad I finished my two bohemian blouses (floral voile and blue cotton with small prints) on time. Both fabrics are new bought during my trip to Seoul in August. The floral voile blouse is my second garment of MAGAM October with the theme Sew October One, my plan was sewing two garments from one fabric (a dress and blouse). You can see the finished dress here.

I used BurdaStyle Bohemian Blouse 10/2016 #121 B size 36 with the finished sleeve with cuff as pattern #121A. The blouse style is very sweet, it has V-neck, shaping pleats and gathered sleeves. Those details caught my eyes for the first time I saw the magazine and I immediately put the pattern on my working list.
Before I continue, here is the picture of me and my bestie Ellie wearing our new blouses. Oh, hey.. Ellie is my mannequin that is working along with me since 2011, she is not good on fitting but at least I can use her for modelling my garments :)
The fabric suggestion is softly draping fabric and my fabrics don't drape too much but it is fine for me :)
For the first blouse, I made the neck tie longer than the original pattern but the second blouse was the same length as the original pattern suggested.
The gathered sleeve finished with cuff ( same as pattern view A) and pity that I made mistake on the pleat placements at the mid sleeves, it supposed to face the back side but I sew them face the front side.
Also, I have to reduce the sleeve length 3 cm and the bodice length 6 cm because they were too long for my taste.
After I have done my first blouse, I realized that the back neck was a little bit too big. So, I have to make sway back adjustment and reduced the back neck 2 cm in total for the second blouse.

The two pictures below shows the overall look of the first blouse on me and Ellie. I do really love the pretty floral prints and the blouse is so comfy and easy to wear :)

The second blouse was made from lightweight cotton, I have no idea what type. The seller said the fabric is typical Korean cotton and I didn't ask more because her English was so limited. I love the base colour, light blue reminds me of tenderness and the small dark blue prints is just enough to add sweetness.
As I mentioned before that I have to make sway back adjustment for better fit. And I decided to cut one piece fabric on fold for the lower back (the original pattern is two pieces).
The rest of the details exactly like the first blouse.

Picture below shows the look of the sleeves, oh well I never like anything puffy until I sew this blouse. I think it is really lovely, what do you think?

A little explanation of the sewing process, it started with trace all the pattern pieces, I didn't added seam and hem allowances on the pattern because it consumed a lot of time. So, I added directly when I cut the fabric by my eyes :) I think the eyes already knew because of a lot of practice in the past couple of months :))
Here are some of my sewing process, front and back pieces. I am sure you all can read them through the pictures.
The back neckline for the floral blouse finished with top stitching using sewing machine and the light blue blouse finished with hand stitching. I like both, but my favourite is the hand stitching.
And here the back views, the floral blouse has four pieces of fabrics and the light blue blouse has three pieces. I think with four or three they look and feel same :)
Finally we are in the last picture of today's post, the finished gathered sleeve with small cuff is really cute. I wonder why it takes me so long to sew and wear this type of sleeves :)
Happy Sewing!

Hana @velvetribbon_sew

This blouse will be linking to Facebook Group "Make A Garment A Month"


  1. Very beautiful blouses, Hana! This is such a beautiful pattern - I love the pleats on the sleeves. Both of them look really great on you.

  2. Oh my goodness, these are just gorgeous and look so nice on you - and your bestie :). The sleeves are so pretty, but I know what you mean - when they are not on trend, we tend to ignore them. But I am starting to relike these sleeves as well. And for inbetween weather, they are perfect.

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz, they are absolutely perfect :)

  3. I absolutely love this blouse.. The cute floral print fabric was just perfect. Love the pattern. Looks really cute on you. Happy sewing.

  4. That is a lovely pattern, this silhouette looks great on you. I'm particularly fond if the floral blouse, I think the colors wirk very well for you.

  5. Fabulous blouses! Love the detailing on the sleeves.

  6. Oh Hana these are both adorable! Everything about them is beautiful... especially those sleeves x

    1. Thank you Dawn. I am loving those sleeves :)

  7. Very cute blouses! I especially love the gathered cuffs. Happy sewing too:)))

  8. Love, love both these oh-so-cute blouses!! This pattern also caught my eye for the very same reason as yours and I've been very interested in seeing how yours made up and what you thought of the pattern. 'Life' has been so very busy and I apologize for just now catching up. I hope to make this pattern at some point too. :)

    1. Thank you Lisa, hope to see your version :)

  9. These are such wonderful blouses! I especially like the floral one. I can see you being able to use this pattern for different type of fabrics for different seasons.

  10. Exellent blouses!



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