In Progress : Light Pink Coat Part 1

I am working on my BurdaStyle coat for MAGAM October with the theme "Sew the U.F.O". I traced the pattern and pre-washed the fabrics last year but in the end I couldn't make it. So, it is a lovely feeling that this time I am working on it and hopefully I can wear when the weather isn't too cool :)

BurdaStyle Three Quarter Sleeve Coat 08/2014 size 36. The coat has boxy style, no collar, 3/4 sleeves and oversize patch pockets. I omitted the crease bottom (piece no 3) and instead of two pieces back coat, I made it on the fold.
Also, I am not so sure how the boxy coat with oversize patch pockets will fit my petite frame. We will see and I hope I can make it work :)
2.5 yards of rayon viscose crepe fabric in light pink colour for the coat body and 2 yards of brocade fabric in light cream for the lining, fusible interfacing, four snap buttons (fasteners) and threads.

Sewing Process:
Before I cut the fabric, I laid the pattern pieces on the table and I saw very clear that the coat will be very boxy and too long for me. So, I reduced the body and sleeves length 8 cm. I will reduce the both sides of the body after I sew the coat later.

The first thing I did was fused the fusible interfacing on the front and back neck lining.

After that I sew the darts, as shown below.

After I sewn the darts, I worked in the back coat by sewn the shoulder pieces onto the coat body. Here is the picture,

Then sew the front and back coat right sides together. As shown below, wrong and right sides of the coat.

After I set the body, I worked on the sleeve by sewn the sleeve center right sides together.

Then attached the sleeve on the body right sides together, as shown below

After I attached the sleeve, I sew the body coat at the side starting from the end of the sleeve to the hemline.

Well, after I sewn both sides of the coat, I tried it and I saw that the coat is still too big for me. So, I just reduced both sides of the coat 5 cm - as shown in the hand sewn below.

And here is the result after I reduced both sides of the body. It looks more slimmer at the bottom.

After the method above done, I prepared the pockets. As I don't have enough fabric, I used the brocade fabric as the pockets lining.

Then I pinned and basted the pockets on the coat body, as shown in below

I removed the baste after sewn the pockets using the sewing machine. Hope you can see the detail

And here is the full look of my work today, hope I have time to sew the lining and attach it to the body during the weekend :)

Happy sewing!


  1. I'm coveting that colour right now, but it's quite hard to find in a heavy weight coating, which is what I'm after. I'm looking forward to seeing this on!

    1. Thanks Debbie. I am also looking for the exactly colour in a heavy coating but until now I didn't find :)

  2. Your coat is coming along nicely Hana. I love your chosen colour and the brocade is a lovely finishing touch for the lining. Looking forward to seeing this finished and modelled! :) x

    1. Thank you, Dawn. Hope I will finish it before the end of the month :)

  3. What a lovely color and so on trend right now! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished coat!!

  4. I think the coat scaled down will probably work - it is plain and simple, so a smaller version should look okay on your small figure. It's so pretty.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz :) I am still not sure how the oversize pockets will suit me. I will see...

  5. Thank you for the detailed info regarding your making of the coat. It is a long time since I've done this and I enjoyed seeing each of the steps. The fabric is so pretty, and the lining too. I'm sure it will make a wonderful coat for you, now that you have slimmed it down. Good luck with the rest. TS

    1. Thank you for lovely comment, TS. Hope it will turn out as my plan :)

  6. Looks great already! Thanks for the insights and tips! I'm excited to see the finished coat :)

  7. Hana, I think your coat is going to be really pretty.. Love the colors you chose.. Happy sewing.

  8. This is coming along very nicely Hana. Your alterations to suit your petite frame should work beautifully. Looking forward to seeing you modelling the finished coat.

  9. Dear Hana!
    This will be a very pretty coat. I love that color!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    LG Carolin

  10. I think that is the prettiest shade of pale pink I've seen in a long while. The coat has a lovely drape to it, and I think that softness will be flattering to your small frame. I think the pockets will also be fine. I'm under 5'2", and I know the struggles of good silhouette! I look forward to seeing this finished and modeled by you! It will be beautiful!

  11. I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished coat. I looks brilliant already :-)
    I think coats are among the most satisfying sewing projects.
    And this is a very pretty pattern.


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