First Knitting Project - Infinity Scarf

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
I wanted to know how to knit since a long time but only last month I decided to buy knitting kits and learning how to knit.
Also, I bought knitting magazine in August and read some techniques but I was confused. Then I went to YouTube to watch some lessons and so happy that I got it :)

As I am a beginner knitter, I just want to try something simple and suitable for my level. So, I knit an infinity scarf. I didn't follow any pattern but just knit in circular needle and here is the result,

Knitting Process:
I did my first exercise Garter Stitch in the two balls of very cheap wool yarns that I bought in my local Japanese shop, followed easy video tutorial from Studio Knit. And here is my result,

After I did Garter Stitch, I am curious about Stockinette Stitch, they look so nice for scarf but I had a problem that they were curling during the process. Then I found another tip that I should stitch borders around them to avoid curling.
I did Garter Stitch border in the top, below and both sides of the Stockinette Stitch. I used my pure new wool from stash and followed video tutorial from Studio Knit. Here is my result,

Well, let's talk about the infinity scarf now. I used Stockinette Stitch in circular needle, so have to be working with Knit Stitch all round.
First thing I did was slip knot following by long tail cast-on, then joining the round. After that, I knit all round and finished with bind-off.

For joining the round I followed the video tutorial from Studio Knit. And here is my first joining round,

Material for the infinity scarf:
Pure New Wool in orange colour (50 gr/95 yards), I used two balls
Circular Needle size 6 mm/80 cm

After all, the final size of my scarf is 80 cm in total circle with 12 cm width. In the end of the knitting process, I have to iron it because it looks a little curling in both sides. Here is the final scarf,

And here is how it looks when I hang in the hanger,

I love my new scarf even it didn't turned out perfectly, I can see big holes in the cast-on and bind-off but anyway... I am sure I will be wearing it in the coming winter :)
Well, I am now working in another infinity scarf. I use smaller size needle and shorter length. I also use different stitch. But it will be taking longer time to finish.

Also, I am linking this post to Carolyn for Show Off Saturday

See you soon in another creativity :)


  1. Well done, Hana. Your scarf is lovely and will be very useful.

  2. This is fabulous for your first knittng project Hana. I could never get the hang of knitting and I haven't tried for years. I'm sure this is just the first of many knitting projects for you.

    1. Thank you, Jean. I thought knitting is difficult but I was wrong :) It is easier than sewing.

  3. Well done - I know you have been wanting to learn knitting. You have done very well teaching yourself, so I think you will manage more involved projects in due course. Pretty scarf, lovely flash of colour and nice neat tension with the stitches.

    1. Thank you, Sarah Liz. I can not wait to finish my other scarf and I will be knitting a simple sweater :)

  4. Dear Hana!
    That's a very nice scarf. That's your first knitted work? It is very good and very exactly knitted!!
    LG Carolin

    1. Thank you, dear Carolin. Yes, it is my first knitted work :)

  5. Great that you started knitting, welcome to the club! :-)
    Your first scarf turned out great and I hope you'll be wearing it a lot!

    1. Thank you, Katharina. Sure I will be wearing in the cooler weather :)

  6. Lovely scarf Hana and great job for a first project :) x


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