Saturday, May 31, 2014

Burdastyle Pleated Dress

Hello dear readers,
I made a new dress this morning :) It was a very easy and fast project to make, I cut the fabric - fuse fusible interfacing on the facings - pin all the pieces - sew it and in three hours my dress finished and  ready to wear:)

For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Satin Dress 04/2013 # 108 size 36. I traced the dress pattern long time ago but didn't have a chance to make it.
But I made three blouses based on same pattern, you can see the first blouse here and the second and third blouses here.
I modified the pattern by adding 1.5 cm on the dress sides, starting from the waist down to the hem. I also made the neckline a little bit higher 0.75 cm ( I did this to avoid neckline gaping because this time I used knit fabric)
As I want the easiest and fastest dress to make, I omitted the pockets and made my version elastic belt.

For the fabric, I used the left over fabric from my paneled shirt - kind of knit cotton fabric in grey color with printed leaves in purple color.

As I mentioned above, the sewing process is really fast :)
  • I cut all the fabric pieces, fuse the fusible interfacing onto the wrong side of the neck facings and sew the facing right sides together - press it with iron and sew the raw edges with overlocker sewing machine. Then I pin the pleated area and baste it 1 cm from seam allowance - this method is important to make later sewing easier.
  • I sew the dress at the shoulder - right sides together - press it with iron. Then I sew the neck facing onto the neckline right sides together. I used my scissor and clip the curved area and turn the facing to inside. Iron it and topstitch 0.50 cm.
  • After that, I sew the dress at both side right sides together, pin the seam allowance of the armhole and sew it. Then I sew the hemline 6 cm - I like the bigger hem on the knit fabric, I think it makes the hem look nicer :)
  • I also make an elastic belt from the black elastic with 3 cm wide, I just measure my waistline + 1.5 seam allowances on both sides - then cut the elastic and sew the end of the elastic together. Done!
Here are more pictures of me wearing this dress, side and back views

I also want to show you the picture of the dress in my dress form, front and back views

And the last picture is the closer look of the pleated at the neckline and the armhole finishing - I hope you can see it properly :)

I am wearing this dress the whole day for testing and I love it. I really love the comfy feeling while wearing this dress :)
And today is the last day of MMM'14, are you guys enjoying the challenge and saw so many outfits out there ? I am enjoying MMM since last year and I am still pop over it every night and I think I still need some more night to check what every one's made.

That's it for today post, see you very soon on my trousers post. Happy sewing and wish you all a great weekend!!


  1. This is becoming a TNT pattern for you and it resulted in another gorgeous addition to your wardrobe. It does look very comfy.

    1. Yes, it is Annie. This is my fourth version of the pleated blouse pattern and I really loved it. Thank you for lovely comment :)

  2. Your dress is gorgeous and looks fantastic on you..
    Love the photos , beautiful place.. \
    hope you have a great weekend..

    1. Thank you, Judy! We had a great weekend :)

  3. That's a beautiful dress and it looks so lovely on you.

  4. This dress (and the tops you have made) look great - and I am going to have to make one as well :). I love the belt, it adds definition and shows off your petite shape - but on hot days, this dress would also look lovely without. You always make such pretty things, always nicely done.

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah Liz! I can not wait to see your version, but I think the dress looks too loose when I wear it without belt :)

  5. A very pretty and fast sewing project is always a wonderful thing :) This looks so lovely on you. I really like the colours, and the pleated neckline too.

    1. Thank you. Sometime, I need a fast sewing in between long and not so easy project to deal with :)



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