Friday, September 13, 2013

Burdastyle Skirt 04/2013 - 117B

Hello all...
September is a very busy month for me but luckily I still have time to sew some small projects for the house and finished my skirt for 2013 style the stash sew a long. The skirt is easy to make but taking time to finish it because I only have one hour to sew everyday.
I want to make this type of skirt for so long but always distracted with other projects, but I am happy now that I finally made it.

And here are the details of the skirt:
Pattern :
I used burdastyle skirt pattern, 04/2013- 117 B size 38. I don't need to copy the new pattern because I used it before for my sweetheart dress. So, time saved!
Materials :
1.25 yards of cotton drill from my stash in deep purple color, invisible zipper, fusible interfacing and same color of thread.
How I worked on this skirt :
If you follow my facebook page, you must have seen my post about skirt in progress over there. But if you aren't following me, here is the link - burdastyle skirt in progress
I started to work on the skirt front by pleated the both side as the instructions then work on the skirt back by sew the darts, then sew the skirt front and back with right sides together. Serge the raw edge of the skirt using an overlocker.
I sew the waistband to the skirt but accidentally I cut the waistband a little bit smaller than the original pattern, so instead of making 2.5 cm waistband I made 2 cm waistband :)
I iron the fusible interfacing on the wrong side of the skirt back to add strength on the zipper while I sew it (1), then pin and sew the zipper on the right side of the skirt (2). Now you can see that the zipper sew nicely (3). Then I folded  the skirt hem by ironing it 4 cm for easier way to sew (4).
My work almost done! I sew the hook n' eye on the top of the zipper. Then I sew the back slit and sew the skirt hem using hand stitching.
Well, I have new skirt now but the question is what am I going to wear with this skirt? I tried to wear with t-shirt but meh! I didn't like it so much. In the end I hang this lovely skirt on the closet and searching my stash for the right fabric to match with it. And I found it! I had a floral fabric with a touch of purple color. And since I didn't own a peplum top, maybe I will make it to match the skirt. We will see..

Have a nice weekend!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Mary! I love the color too so much:)

  2. A peplum top sounds perfect to make for the skirt - love the colour and think it will all look so good!

    1. Hi Jacquianne! I just hope that the peplum top will turn out good :)

  3. Isn't it annoying when you can't wear something straight away. I think a t-shirt may have looked far too casual - I think you like a more elegant look. Good luck with the peplum top.

  4. Yes, it is very annoying, especially when nothing match with it. I hope my floral fabric is enough to make a peplum top.

  5. This is wonderful, I'm sure if you look good, you find some clothes that match this pretty skirt, while a peplum top would be a nice match for it. Go on!

    1. Thanks Rosy! I am still working on peplum top now. Hopefully it will turn out good as I plan:)

  6. Lovely skirt; the style is so versatile. Could you wear it with your summer tank (from your last post)? It might look nice tucked into the skirt.
    And I just have to say you've been so disciplined with your stash busting - well done!

  7. you are doing so well with your one hour a day! This new skirt is really lovely :)