Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Burdastyle Magazine 10/2013 And Burdastyle Special - Autumn/Winter 2013

A very good news, everyone! I got two new Burdastyle magazines! My dear sister in-law bought it from England. I am very lucky girl :-)
Burdastyle magazine 10/2013,


Burdastyle special - autumn/winter 2013,




I love Burdastyle patterns and most of my work based in it. And with these new magazines, I will make more projects for "style the stash sew a long" and "make a garment a month challenge". We will see... :)
A little note : for the patterns from the magazine 10/2013, you can buy downloadable here 


  1. What a lovely gift from your sister-in-law. And thank you for sharing them with us - it's nice to have a sneak peak at what is coming :). So many lovely garments - I don't think we have enough months in our life to make all these beautiful clothes :)

    1. Hi Sarah! You are right, so many nice patterns to try but so little time to sew :( Anyway....

  2. I was at kinokuniya yesterday and browsed the Oct Burda :) but I didn't see the autumn winter ed. Enjoy your magazines!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am enjoying the magazines so much :)
      You are very lucky that you have Kinokuniya in your place, so you can get Burdastyle magazine every month :) I only get it when I travel outside or someone else bring it to me.



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