Monday, May 7, 2012

Palette Challenge - Spring & Summer 2012

I might be a little late to be participating on Palette Challenge - Spring & Summer 2012, I should starting this challenge by the middle of april but only now I had time to start it. Anyway, it's better a little late than never!
This Challenge is about making a mini wardrobe for the spring & summer, and make it according to your plan.

I already choosed the fabric, pale pink colour, yellow colour, beige colour and batik green. Lucky me, I still have many fabric left inside my stash that I did not use.
Now, my head is spinning arround! What kind of garment that I really like and will suit my everyday life????? The answer is: as usual, dresses, tops, pants and shorts.

About the pattern, I planned to make dresses from basic bodice pattern and built by wendy book pattern (because that's what I own right now), tops from sorbetto pattern and pants/shorts from burda.

I excited with this challenge, and want to go to sewing my first challenge right now. But before I go, I will show you my moodboard that I created from Polyvore

Happy sewing everyone!

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