Saturday, May 26, 2012

High Low Top

high low tops

This is another project for my palette challenge ss2012. I finished this top 5 days ago, but only today I am having time to post it on my little blog.
The style is very simple, basic on built by wendy shift dress. I will explain to you what I did with the pattern on the below post.

front side of the top

back side of the top

I've been reading and learning the book Built by Wendy Dresses, for this tops I used the shift dress pattern. I had to shorten the dress pattern more less right in the hip line. I created the neck line with a boatneck style. I also removed the bust dart and finished with high low hem line. No zipper or button inserted in this top.

high low top from the side
back side of the top

I am very happy with this top, she will be one of my favourite top and I will definetely make another one soon to complete my summer wardrobe.

Happy weekend everyone:))


  1. Very pretty, its nice to see sewn things that are trendy ^_^

  2. Thank you Heidi.
    I love both of trendy and vintage fashion. These high low top is good to wear on hot summer day and I am thinking to make another one :)



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