Sunday, November 25, 2018

Boucle Jacket And High Neck Top

Hi fellow sewists, I mentioned in my Instagram post two weeks ago that I finished the boucle jacket but I postponed my blog post because I wanted to make a new high neck top to wear with it as the model wearing in the picture below. Both garments are my entry to #magamsewalong October and November "Seasonal Stashbuster" hosted by Sarah Liz.
The boucle and brown colour silk satin lining fabrics were inside stash for ages and I bought the grey knit jersey last year.

The jacket pattern is Burdastyle Boucle Jacket 08/2016 - 114 size 36. I wanted to make this jacket for a long time but always delayed with other garments, so it was a relief to make it and will wear it soon in the cooler weather.

The sewing process took longer than my other jackets and I didn't make a muslin because the jacket has boxy and drop shoulder style.
The tartan was a pain to match and I decided to use different direction for the flap and welt band piece. I like the result and less time consuming as I don't need to worry with pattern matching in this small areas.
I was a little confused with the welt pocket instruction but glad I found an easy video tutorial how to sew a welt pocket with flap in YouTube. I just follow the welt pocket and skip the flap. Here the link if you are interested.
My pocket flap sewn separately little bit on top of the welt as the fabric was too thick.
The pocket bag was very simple rectangular shape, I used the same fabric as lining.
I sewed the lining separately and then attached to the jacket. I used sewing machine to sew most of the lining to the bodice and hand sewn a little hole after all the process done.

Overall the final jacket is lovely and cosy, I like the boxy shape and drop shoulder style. The armhole area just perfect and I just shorten the sleeve 6.5 cm.

The back finished with big belt sewn directly on both sides. I was so surprised that the side belt pieces were too long for me, so I cut 8 cm but the middle belt piece stayed the same.

For the high neck top, I used basic close fitting top block pattern from Sew Your Own Active Wear book by  Melissa Fehr and I added high neck band (as shown in one of the top pattern variations).
This high neck tee is my first garment for November's Magamsewalong, I was planning to make four tees based on the same pattern and used fabric from stash. And I will show you all the finished tees later.

That's it for today post, hope you have a lovely Sunday 💗


Fröbelina said...

The jacket looks lovely, the fabric is great and I really like the silhouette. The knit top looks great with the jacket :)

Hana @velvetribbon_sews said...

Thank you Katharina. I made four more knit tops, will publish them soon :)

Lisa said...

Fabulous jacket!!! Lots of nice details that shows the quality of your work well. Looks great with your new top. :)

Hana @velvetribbon_sews said...

Thank you so much Lisa :)

Diya said...

Hi :) I stumbled upon your blog while I was looking for the Frank button down shirt front he Sewing Vintage modern book. I added my comment on your latest post , since that post is quite old. Please help me with this query. Is the placket construction mentioned in the book correct? It says the placket piece is 2x. Isnt it 4x or on fold ? Thanks in advance

Let's Get Sewing said...

Your jacket looks amazing! It goes very well with the top too.

Hana @velvetribbon_sews said...

Hi Diya, the placket |pattern piece number 10| cut 4x (self 2x and interfacing 2x). I fused the interfacing onto the self fabric then attached the placket to the front shirt right sides together.
Hope it hepls 😊

Hana @velvetribbon_sews said...

Thank you, glad you liked them together 😊