Feature February Outfits

I made three selfish garments last months and all of them are my entry for #magamsewalong hosted by lovely Sarah Liz Sew Style The two garments (colour block turtleneck t-shirt and jeans pants) finished on time but the pink t-shirt in the picture above finished two days ago. Luckily that the weather is getting cold again, so I can wear them. I wore the pink t-shirt with jeans pants yesterday and wearing the colour block turtleneck today.
Also, the scarf was made by me and I think it goes really nice with the pink t-shirt. I was lucky to have enough amount of scrap plum colour knit in my stash.

Before I write more, I'd love to let you know that these will be the last winter garments that I sew this winter. I will start making spring/summer garments after this, especially to wear on my next trip.

About the February garments, I was following monthly theme "Feature February" and in my interpretation were colour blocking and top-stitching the jeans pockets as features. And these are my flat sketches, I used to make sketches before and I want to do it again this year.
I modified all the patterns for the three garments, the t-shirt pattern is Simplicity misses v-neck tunic 8059 size xxs and the jeans are Burdastyle straight pants 10/2013, you can see my first jeans version here
I made the t-shirt five times already in different designs (all of them you can find in my Instagram) and the pants are my third version, so these two patterns are my "tnt" patterns 😀 and I will make more for sure...

For the fabrics, I used stash fabric and scrap (as I promised). From the top, knit jersey scrap in green, knit cotton in black, knit jersey in pink and dark grey denim. And I still have leftover fabrics (black, pink and denim) that are enough to make another garments.

The process of the pink t-shirt was same as my previous t-shirts from same pattern except that I raised the front neckline a little.

For the colour block turtleneck, I traced the pattern pieces again in a very simple way by dividing the bodices in two in the middle of the armhole front and back. I also raised the neckline and make a new turtleneck in a simple shape of rectangle. Then I sew that rectangle in a tube shape and attach it to the neckline.

After all, the rest of the process was easy. I like the fit of the turtleneck t-shirt and the green colour blocking goes well with black.

Also, I made the turtleneck longer than I normally do about 24 cm height. So, I can use it in three different styles, from short-medium and long until cover my jaw 😁

About the jeans pants, I did the process in the same manner as the previous ones but I made it a little bit tighter in the thigh and I reduced the little bulk in the knee area that I found not so nice in the previous jeans. Also, I added a different design on the pockets.
Pictures below shows some of my process and I am happy with the fit of the jeans, much better than the previous ones.

Last three pictures of front - side and back views on me.

Happy sewing and thank you for reading! 💖


  1. Hana, these all look so good! I especially love the colour blocked top with the neat turtle neckline. Your jeans fit beautifully too.

  2. You have made so many lovely things! I love the pink top on you with the scarf, and the color blocked top is so much fun. Those jeans!!! Love them!

  3. What a lovely selection of garments - you really do suit pink and emerald green. I love your clever turtle neck idea so that you can wear it 3 ways. Your jeans look wonderful, and really do fit nicely - you have certainly mastered these quickly. You must do more sketching, it sounds as though you enjoy it!

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz, I am getting better with so many practices and I want to make another jeans with a little flare at the bottom 💕

  4. These are wonderful! So versatile -- you look great!

  5. Very beautiful garments, Hana. All of them look really great on you. You're now a professional at making jeans.

  6. Three great additions to your wardrobe Hana and all beautifully sewn too.

    1. Thank you Jean, they are truly great additions :)

  7. These are just the items I need more of in my own wardrobe. I love nothing better than a good t-shirt and jeans! I adore the pink Hana!

  8. All are the types of hardworking basics that build a quality wardrobe! Love this shade of pink on you and how you modified the tee shirt into a turtleneck. And all heart eyes for those jeans! Perfect fit and beautiful work. :)


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