Thursday, February 22, 2018

Boy's Raglan Sleeve Tops

Hello fellow sewists,
Today I want to show you the finished three tops that I made especially for dear son. The reason why I decided to make them instead of buying in the shop was because I want to use my stash fabrics, scraps and garments to refashion. Besides, I want to follow my 2018 sewing plans to reduce stash and to reuse previous garments that are still okay.

About the first top, I made in December for him to wear in the Christmas party at school and glad that he looked good in it and he performed well 👏 I was overjoyed watching him that day.
The top was made from leftover green knit cotton fabric for the sleeves and refashioned his step brother t-shirt for bodices.

For the pattern, I used Burdastyle Boy's Raglan Shirt 03/2013 size 134.
The only thing I changed was the U shape hemline to normal hemline. Also, I used green fabric for the neckband.
I was lucky that the refashioned t-shirt fabric just enough for the top bodices front and back. I sew all the pieces together in the usual manner using an overlocker machine, it was easy and fast. Then I used twin needle to top stitch the neckline band, sleeve hems and hemline.

The second top was made in January when the weather got cold and I realised that my boy need more warm clothes to wear. I decided to refashion my poncho hoodie that I didn't like to wear, I was a little bit afraid that the colour wouldn't suit him but after all, it looks so nice on him and he really like it 😊
The poncho fabric is sweatshirt fleece that is so warm and cosy for winter, I only used the sleeves for the top bodices and leftover fabric for the top sleeves. So, I might refashion the poncho bodice to make a vest for me in the future.
The process was even quicker than the first top, I did the same manner and I used knit ribbing fabric in black for the neckband top stitched with twin needle. As well as the sleeve hems and hemline.

And the third top was made after I finished the second top. The fabric is polar fleece fabric, even warmer than the second top and used knit ribbing fabric in black for the neckband but I decided to use single needle for the finishing neckband, sleeve hems and hemline because of the little thickness of the fabric.
I decided to share how I attach and sew the neckband, I am sure some of you are using the same method as I do but hope this can help the beginner sewist.
1. First picture shown the bodice top with neckband - from Burdastyle Boy's Raglan Sleeve 03/2013 size 134.
2. Sew the band right sides together, 1.5 cm seam allowance.
3. Fold the band wrong sides together and divide in four, I used pins to mark them.
4. I also divide the top neckline (right side facing up) in four using the pins.
5. Attach the band on top of the neckline, use another pins to secure.
6. Pull the band carefully, so the length of the neckline fabric and the band are matching. Stitch along the neckline with sewing machine.
7. Done. You can top stitch the neckline with twin needle or single needle. For this black top, I use single needle.
And these are the closer look of the necklines of second and third top. I decided to make the black top neckband wider. Hope my little tutorial will help others. Any questions? Feel free to let me know 😊

Happy Sewing!

Love, Hana@velvetribbon_sew


  1. That is a lovely bundle of warm shirts for your son! They suit him well and it surely is a joy seeing him wearing them. The tutorial is useful for anybody sewing this for the first time. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. He's growing must be proud of him. His new tops are very smart indeed - and isn't it a lovely feeling using up bits and pieces - they take up so much space. And it's economical too!

    1. Time flies so fast Sarah Liz, he is 7.5 year old now. I am planning to make more garments from scraps. Thank you.

  3. These all look great! You did a great job with the refashion of your poncho; the colour really suits him.

  4. Your son is so cute!! He looks handsome in all his shirts!

  5. Such beautiful tops and they look perfect on your adorable son. He looks very pleased with them. Wonderful that you were able to reuse your poncho for them and the fleece will be so warm.

    1. Thank you Sue. Fleece is really warm, glad that I decided to use it.

  6. A lovely set of tops for your son. You do such beautiful work, Hana.

  7. It's great to sew for our loved ones and even better when they are happy to wear the garments we sew for them. Your son looks very pleased with his new tops.

    1. Thank you Jean. So glad for that.
      There are more things to sew for DS and DH in the next few months. Just hope I have time for all.

  8. Lucky boy to have a talented mum as you :)

  9. Apologize for being behind in reading.... but think your son looks cozy, warm and happy in his new shirts! Your twin-needle stitching is always so well done. Like the way you added the knit band to the fleece. :)