Thursday, August 31, 2017

Asymmetrical Top with Bell Sleeve

Hello everyone,
I started a new top yesterday and glad I finished it this afternoon. I was planning to make it weeks ago but life has been busy and we got two typhoons in a week ( Hato and Pakhar), glad we are safe and I managed to finished my August Magam dress and this asymmetrical top. I decided to publish the top today and the dress later. But actually you can see the finished dress on my IG post two days ago.

I made this top especially to participate #sleevefest2017 on Instagram hosted by the two lovely ladies Helen of @valentine.and.stitch and Diane of

For the pattern, I used Simplicity Misses 8059 pattern view B with adjustments because I used size S instead of XXS. Also, added bell sleeve to match the challenge #sleevefest2017 and to celebrate #yearofthesleeve.
For the fabric, I decided to refashion my bathing cover that I wore during my mini holiday in Bangkok. The fabric is cotton jersey in pink colour.

I traced pattern view B size S finished with normal hem and I will cut the asymmetrical hem later directly on the top. 
As the neckline seems too deep for my liking, I raised the CF 3 cm and CB 1 cm then drew a new line of neckline for both front and back as shown in the second picture below.

After I did the half sewing process, I found out that the shoulder and both sides were too big. But the neckline was good and sit nicely 😁 I followed exactly the width and length the pattern had, but in the end I trimmed the excess fabric 0.75 mm.
I decided to pin and sew the darts at the shoulder 1.5 cm down to the waist front and back - I did for both sides.
Also, I sew the side of the top 1.25 cm from the sleeve to the bodice - I did for both sides too. 
After the two methods done, I am glad that the top fits me okay, not too big and not too tight.
For the bell sleeve, I used the same method of making the half circle skirt. I found an easy link to calculate the radius from By Hand London
After I got the radius and drew my own sleeve pattern, I cut the sleeve fabric 20 cm long included seam and sleeve allowances 1.25 cm.
Sew the both end right sides together. Pin the bell sleeve and the sleeve right sides together. Sew with the overlocker machine and sew the sleeve hem with sewing machine. 
Below are pictures of the process,
About the asymmetrical hemline, I decided to cut it after I almost finished the top. I measured according to the length that I think looks good on me. Then I sew the hem allowance 1.25 cm using sewing machine.
Well, after I spend the morning and afternoon working on this top, I am happy that I saved the top and will wear it in the coming autumn.
Happily showing you three more pictures of the top on me, front-back and side views. I wore it with me-made skirt based on Burdastyle 03/2013, skirt detail here.

Happy Sewing and thank you for reading!

Feel free to take a look of other sewists who participate Sleevefest2017 on Instagram with hashtag #sleevefest2017  I bet you will love it and find some inspiration for the next project 😍


  1. Beautifu, Hanal! At IG, I hadn't realized the asymmetrical hem which is an additional interesting feature pairing well with the sleeves. Thank you for sharing your sewing procedures.

  2. SO pretty Hanna. I love it with that skirt..
    Proud your ok.. sorry about the typhooons. We are having flooding here in Ms this week.. lots of bad weather around us. And Texas has had devastations and lots of deaths.. SO sad.

    1. Thank you Judy. I saw in the news, so sad about the flooding and hope you and your family are ok ❤

  3. Gorgeous as always Hana! I love the way you played with the sleeves.

  4. This turned out really nice Hana! Love the sleeves and the asymmetrical hem ☺

    1. Thank you Maria Hayek. I love the sleeves and hem too, I'd love to make a slim pants to wear with it 😀

  5. What a fantastic fabric choice! It looks lovely on you. Congratulations!

  6. I love the adjustments you made, Hana. The top looks really great.

    I'm glad to hear that you're safe after the two typhoons. We recently had a bad hurricane here in Texas and the damage has been terrible.

    1. Thank you Olivia. So sad about the hurricane, I was following the news. Hope all is fine with you and your family 💗

  7. Beautiful style and the color is gorgeous on you. Love it!

  8. Beautiful top. It fits you just right and the color is gorgeous on you. I am glad you are safe!

  9. lovely top with great sleeve detail. But i notice that the fit onyou is just as amazing! You look great in this style

  10. Such a beautiful top Hana. That colour is gorgeous on you and I love the sleeves and the asymmetrical hem.