Friday, January 25, 2013

Men's Shirt

I made this shirt especially for my husband Jose, a formal short sleeve shirt for him to wear at work. I used 100% cotton with light stripes. It was a little bit more challenging than what I thought to work with a men's shirt, but anyway I have done it nicely and I am very happy with my work. Here are all the details of my project:

A formal short sleeve shirt with left side pocket and flatter hem line instead of hanging like a deflated balloon.

1.5 yards of 100% white cotton with dark brown stripes, 7 pieces of button, fusible interfacing for the collar and same color thread.

I copied his old shirt size 17 as a pattern. I cut the old shirt and iron the pieces. After I have done all the pieces, I put them on the top of the paper and draw it one by one. It's very easy, right? And then I added 1.5 cm for the seam allowance and 4 cm for the hem allowance.

How I worked:
The total time for this project was 24 hours, including copying the pattern, cutting and sewing. The difficult part of sewing this shirt was to attach the collar to the body, I will share how I attached the collar to the body on my future post.
The making of buttonholes is quite fast ( I used machine buttonhole) and I also topstitch the centre front, shoulder front and back, armhole and hem.

And here are more pictures of this men's shirt:

Finally, my husband wore my handmade shirt for the first time:) and he loved it. I will definitely make more for him with other colours.

~Happy Sewing~


  1. very very neat job! aku blum pernh tuh bikin kemeja in general,...males krn bnyak buttons nya,... but you give me the courage... well done sweety,... I love ur blog aswell,... thank youuu...greeting from Ogez-Tenerife...muwaaahhh