Friday, April 6, 2012

Batik Top With Lace

batik top with lace

Summer has arrived. Finally I feel the warm weather here in my place:) I miss summer so badly because winter here in my place is longer than I expected. I am planning to make many more summer tops, dresses and shorts. Yeah...look like I will have time for all of that:))

Well, talking about this batik top, I am wearing today for the first time ever since I made it. Here the details of my batik top:
  • It's very simple and easy to make. Very good for the beginner. The top has short sleeve, round neckline, bustdart and lace on the hemline.
  • Material needed for the top: 1,5 yards batik cotton, buttons and lace.
  • I need 6 hours in total to finished this top, including making muslin and ironing.
The picture below is the front side of my top. I inserted the lace on the way of my shoulder down to my chest, then I stitched the three buttons in the middle of the front top.

Here is the top back, I made a tear drop style on it and finished with covered button. I think it's very difficult to see on the picture :(
back side of the batik top with lace
The hem line finished nicely with the lace that I found inside my stash. I was lucky that the colour matching with the top:)

 Happy sewing everyone and thanks for stopping by on my blog:)

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