Thursday, March 8, 2012

VR-Everyday Dress

VR-Everyday Dress
This dress is base on palm beach tunic (shift dress pattern) by Built by Wendy DRESSES The Sew U Guide To Making A Girl's Best Frock.

palm beach tunic

built by Wendy book
I chose shift dress pattern size XS for my first dress from this book. My project begin from transferring the original pattern on the new sheet of paper. By adding 1/2'' allowance on most seams and 1/4'' around small, curved areas. For hem allowances I added 1 1/2" ( I followed the book instructions). After I had done my pattern, I made muslin from very cheap cotton fabric. But Oh No!!! the muslin is too loose, the neckline too big and the bust dart too low for my body ( I really hate this part!!). 

Well, I have to take out the thread from my muslin to make the new one. For the neckline, I extended the center front of the neckline up by 3/4" from the original pattern. For the bust dart, I moved the bust dart up by 1/4" from the original pattern. For the dress bodice back, I extended up by 1/4" on the center back of the neckline and I added dress bodice back dart to avoid boxy impression. Ta DA! the dress fit well on my body:))

front dress with a slim V neck
back dress
The dress has short sleeve and  nautical a slim V-neck (  to make a V-neck, I moved the center front neckline in by 2" and blend it down 5"). I only made the front V-neck facing and I added bias tape to finish all the facing around the neckline. You can see the blue bias tape inserted in the wrong side of my dress . The back side of my dress finished with invisible zipper.

front dress

back dress

This dress may be very simple style, but I really liked it and definitely I'll make another one with more light fabric.

Happy sewing and thanks for reading:))

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