Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High Waist Skirt #1

This skirt basic on burda magazine 07/2008 in Spanish edition. I made some change on the waist line and front skirt pleat. The original skirt look really nice in the picture, but not really nice on me. That's why I made some change on it.

I made muslin first for this skirt with the original pattern. But the front skirt pleat do not fit well on me, and then i try to pleat it inside. Wow! look like a magic, my skirt turn out perfect!
For the waist line, I just made a very simple straight waist line 8 cm on the fold. End up with the 2 buttons on the back side of the skirt.

Before I continue the making of my skirt, this is the original pattern that I use:

I used kind of twill flannel brown colour to make this skirt, good to wear on the fall/winter/spring season. I think I am going to make with the lighter fabric for summer. Green colour as the model above is great colour for summer:)

This is my first time ever for making pocket. For the first time I am not sure if I could made the pocket. I just follow the picture because the instructions is in Spanish, luckily I made it:-)
Here I show you how my pocket turn out.

This is the wrong side of the pocket.

Here the back side of my skirt. Finish with invisible zipper and the two buttons on the waist line.

This skirt will be my first ever high waist skirt. I will wear it with tie bow blouse that I made already last day. And I will post it as soon as I have time.

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