Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Polka Dot Scalopped Blouse

          I was very excited when Burda Style announced their spring favourite new pattern (http://www.burdastyle.com/blog/spring-favorites-new-patterns-and-projects#read-on) , especially when I saw the chanel style jacket. The jacket is cute but I fell in love with the blouse so badly, ohhh...I can not take my eyes out from that blouse. Unluckily, the blouse not included in the pattern:((
Well, I decided to make it myself.  

Thing that I need to make this blouse:  
  1. Basic bodice ( drop the front neck to draw V neck), finished with scalloped arround the front neck down to the waist centre front.
  2. Basic short sleeve.
  3. Make a waist tie (here I made a thin tie from the same fabric 150 cm long, it's long enough to tie arround my waist and finished with a big butterfly knot).
  4. Make a waist layer (a layer that starting from the waist line down to the bottom) and make  scalloped hem for the bottom of the blouse.
  5. This is the blouse that got me crazy from burdastyle:)))))))))
           I remembered a good quotes " if you don't know where to buy it, you should make your own". That's why I made it:)))))   Here is my lovely blouse,
           About the back side of the blouse, you can see here that a waist tie finished on the back side with a big butterfly knot.

             Here is a little tutorials about how to make a waist layer. It's very simple, just cut the fabric same size as the blouse ( measure from front to back of the blouse exacly the same amount). Trim your fabric with an overlock machine to finished beautifully. Stitch the layer arround the waist line. Remember, that the layer finished on the centre back side of the blouse.
Stitch again on the top of the layer one more time, right under the first stitch about 1.5 cm to inserted a waist tie. I think it's very easy, isn't it?
            For me, this blouse is really beautiful and I will definetely make again with solid color but I'll  wait for the weekend to come and hunting for the new fabric:)))  
Happy sewing!!!!!!

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