Sunday, April 7, 2019

Burdastyle Voluminous Sleeve Blouse

Hello and happy weekend everyone, I finally finished this voluminous sleeve blouse and wore it on Friday. I love everything about this cozy blouse, especially the sleeves. They are fabulous and not too bubbly.
The original blouse has collar and necktie but I decided to omit them because I don't have enough fabric. In the end, I love the blouse without the collar and I think plain v-neck suits me better.

My plan was to make two blouses based on the same pattern and the fabrics are both from stash. The grey cotton eyelet for the first blouse and green lace for the second blouse. Both fabrics were souvenirs from my trips.  
Pattern: Burdastyle Voluminous Sleeve Blouse 12/2018 #115 size 36. Omitted the collar, necktie, raised the center front 1.5 cm and shorten the length 7 cm. I used a darker color of buttons as the original blouse has.

The sewing process of this blouse was very slow because of the limited sewing time and low sewjo. I started to sew at the beginning of the month and finished five days ago 😊
The picture above is a screenshot of the sewing progress from my IG, I was so surprised I got 650 likes that never happened before 😍

The upper arm pintucks took so long to finish, firstly I have to pin along the line as marked then carefully sew them using the zipper foot. Even so, the finished pintucks weren't straight because of my fabric choice but it's okay.
After the sleeves attached to the bodice, I worked on the center fronts. Fused the fusible interfacing onto both self-facings, pin along the facing and hand sewed the end of facing to the shoulder.

After the method above done, I was a little confused because I forgot to sew the neckline and I don't feel like to remove my hand sewing on the shoulder area. So, I hung my blouse on the dress form and carefully clip the curve area of the seam allowance with my scissor. Then I flipped the seam allowance inside and hand sew the neckline. I was happy with the result and you can see the finished v-neck below, so clean and neat.
About the cuffs, no photos of the progress but it was enjoyable to work with. I started with slash the marked area, sewed the band in it, gathered the lower sleeve, attached and sewed the cuff band. The last step was sewed the buttonholes, glad that my machine has an automatic buttonhole that really saved my time.

Well, here are the pictures of the blouse. Front, inner, back and side on me.

This blouse is my entry to 2019 Make Nine challenge on Instagram and glad I finished three accessories, one blouse and almost finishing the sweater.

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  1. Thank you for showing so much detail in the sewing process. It's very helpful.

  2. This is such a lovely, lovely blouse!! Adore your fabric choice and think it looks perfect as a simple V with no collar nor tie. Always enjoy your construction photos and details. Love this color on you too. :)

  3. P.S. I am taking a little break from IG right now.

    1. I'll keep in touch with you on the blog. I am reducing my time on IG and other social medias too. Take care of yourself, Lisa 😘❤

  4. Those pintucks are so lovely! And if I were to make the same blouse I would omit collar and tie too so that the lovely sleeves could be the star. Your blouse is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much, Diane. Glad I omitted the collar 😊💕

  5. What a beautiful blouse!! The pintucks look wonderful! I can see the hard work you put into this, and it paid off.