Self-drafted Denim Skirt And Purple T-shirt

I finished the denim skirt and purple t-shirt yesterday and I'm happy that they will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. My first plan was to make only the a-line denim skirt for my entry to Sew Your Wardrobe Basics challenge hosted by Sea Of Teal but I decided to make a t-shirt to wear with it. The t-shirt was a quick make, I did it in two hours because I used my TNT (tried and true) pattern.
For both garments, I used my self-drafted patterns and the fabrics were from my stash and leftover from my previous top.

The A-line skirt pattern based on my basic skirt sloper, I followed a Youtube tutorial from Kim Dave Design link here and then I modified it to an A-line Skirt by adding 3.5 cm in the bottom sides of the skirt pieces and draft a new line to the hipline. I removed the darts and reduced the waistline by 2.5 cm, as shown in the picture below.
This A-line skirt was easy to make and suitable for a beginner sewist, I made it in three pieces of patterns (front cut 2 pieces, back cut 2 pieces and waistband cut 4 pieces). 
After I cut all the pieces and fused the waistband with fusible interfacing, I sewed the front pieces together and top-stitched them in the center front.
Sewed the waistbands together (front and back separately) and attached them to the skirt pieces.
Pinned and sewed the zipper using the Centered Zipper method, I shared a video tutorial on my Instagram before link here in case you are interested.
And after that, I sewed both the front and back pieces together from the waistband down to the hemline. I tried the skirt and it was too loose 😕 So, I reduced 2 cm from the waistline down to the middle skirt and trimmed the excess fabric as shown in the last picture below.
The skirt fit was better after I reduced the sides and then I worked on the waistband. I folded the waistband seam allowance, pinned and hand-sewed it. 

I decided to add fringe on the hemline, so I don't need to worry to sew the hemline and also, it looks cute and cool at the same time 😍 I used my seam reaper to pull all the threads slowly and cut the excess white threads using my scissor.

Here are the two pictures of the skirt, front and back. I love it and thinking to make one more in a darker color.

The purple t-shirt was a quick make and this is my sixth version from the same pattern. The pattern based on my basic t-shirt jersey block, I followed a Youtube tutorial from Bobbin And Drew and modified it to my liking. You can see my previous post for the five versions of this t-shirt link here. For this t-shirt, I made it shorter but not so short as a crop top. Also, I made the sleeves a little loose and comfortable.

The process of this purple t-shirt started in the same usual manner, I used my overlocker machine to sew almost all edges and used the twin needle to sew the neckband, sleeve and hem allowances. The knit cotton fabric was easy and enjoyable to work with. 
After I sewed the neckband, sleeve and hemline, I trimmed the excess fabric carefully using my scissor.
Here are two pictures of the final t-shirt, front view and the closer look of the neckline.
And the last picture of me wearing it, glad that I had the purple handbag and flat shoes to match with this outfit.
I think that is more than enough for today, I'll be off to check my summer wardrobe because Me Made May is coming very soon. Are you participating? I'll be posting my daily outfit on Instagram, I hope to see you all in the #memademay2021 challenge 💗

Take care and happy sewing, friends.


  1. Sweet outfit. Looks comfy. Thank you for sharing your pattern and instructions to help make it easy. Cheers!

  2. Very nice outfit! I especially love the way you did the hem on the skirt. I have been seeing more exposed hems and yours is the first one I like!!! Me Made May!!!!! Not sure if I will participate, but I am excited to see all the people that will!

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. I'm glad you like the finished hem 😊


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