Thursday, November 30, 2017

DIY Jeans And White Cotton Blouse

Hello everyone,
I made a new outfit and these garments are my entry for #magamsewalong October and November. My plan for October Original was a self-drafted skirt and white blouse in the picture below, the skirt turned out fine but I'd love to make adjustment next time. So, I will post the skirt detail separately later.
For November Needs, I was planning to make jeans and bought two pieces of jeans fabrics in dark blue and black. I decided to sew the blue colour first as wearable muslin but in the end I like the result and I am in the middle of finishing the black one but no time to complete this month, so I will continue next month.

Coincidentally the jeans and white blouse are lovely match, so I just wear it together 😁

I modified both blouse and pants patterns to my liking Burdastyle Shirt Blouse 03/2013 size 36 

For the blouse, I changed the button down to a v-neck style by omitted the collar, button down, sleeve and hem bands. 
I laid the front piece pattern, omitted the button placements and made it on fold instead of cut in two as original pattern had. Reduced the shoulder length and drew a new line of v-neck. 
After I am done with the modification, I made a wearable muslin using floral cotton lawn in pink leftover from the previous garment.
As shown in the picture below, I wore it with a self-drafted a line skirt with side pocket which I promise to write more details in the future post.

The white blouse fabric is cotton embroidery that I bought in my last trip to Bangkok in summer. I love the fabric so much and still have a leftover enough for a sleeveless blouse. 
The neckline finished with facing from the same fabric fused with lightweight fusible interfacing in the wrong side of the fabric. Also, decided to used the scalloped end of the fabric for the sleeve and hem.

For the jeans, I used the straight pants pattern as a base and copied my rtw jeans for detail.
I omitted the back darts and made the back piece in two, added back pocket and changed the shape of front pocket.
Also, I shaped the leg slimmer - started by reduced the from both inner and outer ankle 2 cm up to the top of my knee. Also, I added belt loops and top stitched with brown colour thread for real looking jeans 😁
Picture below is the start of the process, I forgot to cut the front pocket hole before taking the picture and only noticed when I sew. Also, I used floral cotton lawn for pocket bag.

The rest of the process was a little bit confusing, especially because I never worked in the jeans before but glad I survived and like the result of my jeans. The fit is fine and I like a little high waist more than the lower waist that I normally find on rtw jeans.

The only thing I didn't like was the pocket, I felt that too low for my liking. So, will raise a little on the second jeans.

The button is a dark brown plastic button from stash that I think suits the jeans nicely. The back pocket finished with a very simple straight top stitch decoration done by regular sewing needle.

Happy Sewing!

Love, @velvetribbon_sew


  1. Wait, you have never sewn jeans before??? They look so GOOD!!! I have started a pair before, but never got them done. I think I still have them... Anyhow, I love your jeans and shirt! I see why you LOVE the embroidered fabric!

    1. Thank you Vanessa, hope you revisit your jeans and continue working on them ❤

  2. Both of these garments are fantastic. Congratulations on yoru first pair of jean style trousers - they have turned out beautifully, and the fit is perfect. As for the top, it is just so pretty...

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz, I am trying to finish the second jeans and hope they will be done before new year ❤

  3. I can't believe this is your first pair of jeans. They turned out so great. You're right - they look lovely with the top. The top fabric is so gorgeous.

  4. I love both pieces. Your jeans turned out great - congratulations!

    1. Glad you love them. Thank you so much Tomasa ❤

  5. I love the embroidered cotton fabric also and how lucky you have enough left for another make. You did a fantastic job on your pants with the fit and the details. They look great!

    1. Hi Mary, so happy to see you back. Thank you for lovely comment ❤

  6. Both garments look fantastic, Hana! So pretty, and casually sophisticated. Perfect!



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